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Who are we?

The firm of PH PROFIT was established as a natural reaction to the demands of companies which are facing major internal changes with the objective “of being stronger and more successful”. Every structural change assumes free capacities (enough time, concentrated team), independent perspective and objective information. A situation in which the owners and managers of firms themselves feel the need for changes, is in the current turbulent economic environment absolutely normal. It reflects the fact that the development of successful companies in the Central Region over the past twenty years was unprecedentedly dynamic. Many companies have expanded in a very short time, they have experienced several “life cycles” which existed in a stable environment for decades and in conjunction with the capabilities and superior deployment of their owners and managers have taken advantage of the extraordinary growth potential in the emerging markets. However, the situation is changing. Small companies become big companies, the market growth is slowing down, competition is growing, employees are often motivated by incorrect and outdated methods, or they can’t already handle the work in the current environment. And now it is the high time to react - to make sure that the company is on solid grounds and its inner functioning is in line with the current needs of the external environment. Therefore it is the high time to verify in the practice that the company is actually using its potential and works correctly with the right information, knows its options and uses them actively and in particular, that it relies on an effective team and internal processes, which guarantee further controlled development of the company. The step to be followed after such an analysis is the specific formulation and implementation of necessary changes.

It is very difficult to accurately assess such a need within a “functioning” company. It is also very difficult to admit that such an independent review and subsequent changes are really necessary. In addition to that, for most Czech or regional companies it is not always affordable and appropriate to hire a giant consulting firm, with high fixed costs, lack of flexibility and its own general and very theoretical methodology. Large consulting firms usually cannot help in the situations which require detailed and targeted solutions to very specific tasks. In such situations it is possible to use the services of PH PROFIT - a company which will use real experts from the trade to find an optimal and unique solution for your company. After the basic analysis and a thorough understanding of the assignment, PH PROFIT will assemble a team for you that will be needed and that will be fully competent. Therefore we use a team of external collaborators and established companies with many years of practical experience in their fields. With the combination of such specialists we can achieve a maximum efficiency in dealing with very complex, as well as with partial assignments in the following areas:

  • ensuring the effective functioning of the company’s financial management = PH PROFIT – finance
  • • preparation of the company for the major structural changes (acquisition, sale, restructuring) = PH PROFIT - development
  • • configuration of optimal tools in the area of management and motivation of human resources = PH PROFIT - team
  • • examination of the company’s market potential and cooperation in the formulation of marketing strategy = PH PROFIT - market

All that with a fully shared main objective: “Maximize the value of your company and your brands through the increase of your market share, a long-term and stable growth in your sales and in particular by achieving the desired profit”.